eIDAS Compliance

European Union established the eIDAS Regulation (EU 910/2014) which has been a crucial component of the European Commission’s initiative to form the Digital Single Market (DSM) for EU Member States, providing a legal framework for the formalization of a wide range of digital transactions. eIDAS acronym stands for electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services that aims to make electronic transactions more secure and trustworthy within European Union, by facilitating the smooth flow of commerce in the EU through transparency, security, technical neutrality, cooperation and interoperability. It offers a standardized approach and a common framework for secure electronic transactions between natural persons, businesses and public authorities.

Since it is a European Regulation, all Member-States and any public or privately-held organization which has a European presence or does business with an organization within a European Member-State will be required to comply with the eIDAS Regulation.
The path to achieving compliance is structured procedure which, based on the particular eIDAS services provided by the organization, a set of different requirements is added on top of the eIDAS requirements, such as:

  • organizational, legal and procedural requirements
  • ETSI TS 319 400-series, 500-series requirements
  • ISO 27000 series requirements
  • any applicable national Supervisory Body requiremennts

SpearIT, being actively and continually involved in the evolution of the eIDAS ecosystem through participation in EU Commission's working groups, cooperative studies among Member-States, conformity assessments, consulting and engineering, provides a full-fledged solution to support and provide guidance to service providers in order to comply with the requirements of eIDAS Regulation and the applicable technical standards foreseen.

 Our current service portfolio includes eIDAS Compliance projects delivered in the following sectors/types of services:

Service Provisions

Our subject-matter experts team ensures that your organization meets all necessary requirements, clearing out any irrelevant steps and helping you avoid costly compliance pitfalls to successfully pass the eIDAS conformity assessment and obtain the eIDAS certification issued by our Accredited Certification Body (CAB), enabling your organization to offer trusted and qualified servicies within the European Digital Single Market, as well as to use and display the official EU trust mark.

  •  Gap analysis of the current state of your candidate products/services and of your organization
  •  Consulting on gap elimination
  •  Consulting on documentation and legal matters
  •  Consulting on actual technical implementation
  •  Planning & execution of the conformity assessment
  •  Periodic maintenance of your compliance status through advisories and ad-hoc consulting

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