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Deeply understanding that sharing is caring and having a mindset of knowledge transfer in our team, a training initiative was born to support this belief. Enhance your cybersecurity awareness by choosing training solutions designed by our certified professionals team, consisting of security engineers, tutors and service designers or contact us to design & plan a specific training session based on your needs.

Cryptography Mathemagics

An introduction to cryptography and the underlying mathematics. A hands-on, gamified workshop for kids between 7-12 years, which introduces the common aspects of cryptography through puzzles, treasure hunts, cooperation and competition.

This workshop aims to foster the childrens' imagination, perception, mathematic logic, additive and subtractive thinking, patience and creativity.

Various cryptographic techniques, from ancient substitution and transposition mechanisms to modern algorithms, are rendered into games and challenges. In the end, some modern techniques are also demonstrated with the help of computers and safe computer usage lessons are delivered.


OffSec 101

Targeted to audiences with a technical background in IT or software development, this workshop is a series of hands-on labs, aiming to introduce the concept of ethical, offensive thinking to help you not only understand common flaws in design or configuration but also design and prepare better your lines of protection.

Conducted by our certified professionals, actively working as ethical hackers/penetration testers, this workshop covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Ethics of an offensive mind: hacking for improvement and not for profit
  • Out of the box thinking, persistence and commitment, fighting inner resistance
  • Reconnaissance & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Executable Overflows
  • Web application attacks (SQLi, XSS/CSRF, session manipulation, RCE)
  • Firewall, IDS/IPS evasion, packets manipulation, multi-encapsulation

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