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Digital Identity Standards

Author: ENISA Contributor: SpearIT Type: Report Lang: EN/US Rel: 03-2023

This report gives an overview of the most important standards and standardisation organisations in this area. It also provides an analysis of standards related to different means supporting digital identity. This covers means created and managed by trust services, eID means and the EU Digital Identity Wallet.

eIDAS 2.0 & SSI: A Preliminary Analysis of Opportunities & Risks

Author: SpearIT Type: Whitepaper Lang: EN/US Rel: 12-2022

A preliminary, point-in time analysis of the (draft at the time of writing) eIDAS 2.0 Regulation, scoped specifically to the articles related to the concept of self-sovereign identity.

SpearIT Company Profile

Author: SpearIT Type: Presentation Lang: EN/US Rel: 01-2021

Remote ID Proofing

Author: ENISA Contributor: SpearIT Type: Report Lang: EN/US Rel: 02-2021

This report provides an overview of the most common methods for identity proofing in EU and serves as a preliminary gap analysis on existing standards and regulations providing legal and technical recommendations.

EU eID Schemes Landscape

Author: SpearIT Type: Report Lang: EN/US Rel: 03-2020

A brief overview of the various electronic identification (eID) schemes around Europe: concept, regulations and how to achieve cross-border electronic identification within EU.

EU NIS Directive Compliance

Author: SpearIT Type: Report Lang: GR/EL Rel: 04-2020

A brief overview of EU 2016/1148 NIS Directive: the initiative, structure, how to comply on a national level, EU member-states obligations and the greek legislature.