Technology Service Providers

Cybersecurity is more than ever in the epicentre of operations almost in any enterprise environment. As new technology opportunities arise, new threats arise as well. From telecommunications and infrastructure/cloud providers to traditional software houses or Software-as a Service providers, security-by-design is crucial not only for delivering rock-solid products and services but also for complying with demanding cybersecurity regulations.

Having perennial experience in assessing and consulting for various technology services providers, SpearIT has compiled a services bundle in a holistic approach for ISP, datacenters, cloud service providers and software houses, customizable according to your needs, helping you to:

  •  Maintain a strong cybersecurity posture, always responding to the current cyber threats
  •  Stay compliant with cybersecurity standards and regulations
  •  Eliminate administrative overhead related to cybersecurity requirements
  •  Minimize cybersecurity costs
  •  Reduce exposure factors and risk of reputation loss
  •  Enhance the value of your products and services

Cybersecurity Compliance

Managed compliance from early system deployment to maintenance and continuous improvement:
ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 27017
ISO/IEC 27018
ISO/IEC 20000
ISO/IEC 22301
EU 2016/679 (GDPR)

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Design, deployment and holistic governance of your security program:
Documentation management
Internal security audits
Risk management
Incident management and response
Cybersecurity awareness training
Technical Consulting

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Security Testing

Periodic assessments of the PKI critical assets and applications, including mitigation recommendations:
PCI-DSS Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing
Social Engineering
Cloud Security Assessments

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