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Security Assessments

The security posture is the way information security is implemented. Security assessments are risk-based assessments, due to their focus on vulnerabilities and impact. Security assessments rely on three main assessment methods that are inter-related: Technology, People and Processes.


Standards Compliance

Compliance with standards has always been a cornerstone for organizational and enterprise security. Taking into consideration the current demanding security environment, SpearIT offers you complete compliance services regarding some of the most famous standards:

Security Consulting

Despite the fact that there are many frameworks and standards covering in-house IT security, security compliance with international entities, federal or legal legislations, there are common mandatory requirements which arise from the greater domain of information security (e.g. risk management, business continuity, disaster recovery, configuration management, etc). SpearIT offers you consulting services in various areas either in contractual or in an ad-hoc basis.


Multidisciplinary, Ethical & Certified

SpearIT's team consists of professionals from various IT domains, such as system administrators, network engineers, developers, security experts and auditors. Although active in different IT domains, we had a common mindset: assessing security in both offensive and defensive aspects. Ethical & certified penetration testers as well as certified auditors is our technical team's flagship.
Thus, doing security in its escence, provides the added value in our offered services.


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