Trust Service Providers

Trust services meet a continuously growing demand by enterprises and national organizations. As countries put continuous effort to minimize bureaucracy and achieve cross-border identification for citizens, seamless cross-border transactions and utilize qualified electronic signatures that act equally as a physical signature in court, strict and transparent compliance requirements arise.

Having perennial involvement in designing procedures for trust service providers as well as performing compliance audits, our PKI professionals can help you:

  •  Design & deploy self managed PKIs according to your business needs
  •  Stay compliant with trust service regulations standards
  •  Achieve inclusion in root store programs and become publicly trusted CAs
  •  Achieve LoA High of your eID Scheme for national identification under EU 910/2014 (eIDAS)

SpearIT has compiled a services bundle in a holistic approach for organizations operating in the TSP industry, customizable according to your needs.

Policies & Documentation

Planning & guidance on documentation requirements:
Certificate Policy
Certificate Practice Statement
Validation Plan
PKI Hierarchy

Certificate Profiles Evaluation

Evaluation of the compliance level of your issued certificates against:
ETSI requirements
CAB/F BR requirements
Root Programms & TSLs

(Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe)

Critical Assets Evalutation

Evaluation the compliance level of your critical PKI system components:
Root CA
Sub CAs
Certifiate sampling
OCSP Responders

Technical Consulting

Guidance and implementation on technical matters, such as:
Access Control
Monitoring & Reporting
Disaster Recovery
Risk Management

Security Testing

Periodic assessments of the PKI critical assets and applications, including mitigation recommendations:
Vulnerability Scanning
Internal & External Penetration Testing

Our PKI specialists are more than happy to discuss a solution with you!

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