About Us


SpearIT was formed by a group of multidisciplinary IT professionals, having perennial expertise in discrete areas, such as IT Systems and Networks Engineering, PKI, Security Operations, Software Development and Standards Auditing.

The team’s mutual mindset of assessing cyber security in both offensive and defensive aspects, led to envision and establish a holistic approach on cyber security and compliance for emerging industry sectors, such as Trust Service Providers, Technology Service Providers, Critical National Infrastructure and Governmental Authorities.



SpearIT also focuses on RnD activities covering InfoSec & Trust services, such as:

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Cryptography
  • Information anti-tampering
  • Secure Code Execution

Core Values

SpearIT takes company culture seriously and provides an environment where personal talents can arise and contribute to the overall team and of course, to the final services. Our core values define to:

  • Have mutual trust
  • Show mutual respect
  • Be curious, honest & ethical
  • Enjoy work
  • Enjoy life

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