About Us


SpearIT was formed by a group of IT professionals, having expertise and background in discrete areas: Systems Engineering, Networking, Security Operations, Software Development and Standards Auditing.

Although active in different IT domains, we had a common mindset: assessing security in both offensive and defensive aspects. Doing security in its essence, led us to envision and establish SpearIT, delivering tailor-made and effective IT security assessment, compliance and consulting services.



Our active involvement in security engineering and auditing, made us rethink what characteristics an ideal InfoSec services bundle could have, in order to achieve the golden ratio between security readiness and standards compliance. That led us to design our service portfolio based on well-known frameworks, such as the OWASP Testing Guide and The Penetration Testing Execution Standard.

Taking into consideration the structure of today's organizations, we have developed a multi-level stakeholder reporting approach, in a way that every organizational level is properly informed on a need-to-know basis, eliminating all the informational noise and achieving flexible, yet insightful deliverables, designed to the needs of executive leadership and technical teams at the same time.

But the methodology does not stop here. We make the extra step in providing detailed and specific mitigation recommendations and verification auditing in order to verify that the proper and effective mitigation solutions are in place. More on our methology can be found in our pentesting services.

Core Values

SpearIT takes company culture seriously and provides an environment where personal talents can arise and contribute to the overall team and of course, to the final services. Our core values define to:

  • Have mutual trust
  • Show mutual respect
  • Be curious, honest & ethical
  • Enjoy work
  • Enjoy life

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