CISO as a Service

In an environment where cyber threats continuously evolve and compliance to security standards (e.g.ISO 27001) or national regulations (e.g. EU 2022/2555 NIS2 Directive, GDPR) is a crucial priority, an increasing need for cybersecurity planning and operations coordination within a modern organization arises.

Spending on enterprise information security in 2019 will reach more than $214 billion, an increase of 12.4 percent since 2018.

Contrary to a traditional CISO role, CISOaaS is based on a multidisciplinary team of cybersecurity professionals with perennial experience in regulatory compliance and consulting on identity & access management, security testing, network & physical security, risk management, data protection, disaster recovery/business continuity, delivering customized services remotely and/or on-site based on your particular needs, achieving significant cost reduction.

CISOaaS is now aligned with EU 2022/2555 - NIS2 Directive requirements.

1. Scoping

Based on your organization's type of operations, infrastructure and risk appetite, an assessment is performed to identify the regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements that the organization must meet.

2. Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is conducted to identify what needs to be protected and at what level. The general security strategy is developed and the particular service characteristics are identified along with the service delivery time plan.

3. Initial Implementation

The initial implementation road map is followed, providing the deliverables of each phase and reaching the milestones set by the management board.

The focus is mainly given in critical pillars of cybersecurity management, such as:

  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Information Security Incident Management

The implementation approach is tailored according to your enterprise's specific goals and objectives. A dedicated CISO role is appointed to your organization, having the relevant skill set, proficiency and certifications.

4. Continuous Maintenance

Our CISO service is embedded in your organization's everyday operation by continuously monitoring the road map of projects, agreed-upon deliverables and by managing cybersecurity across the enterprise. Reporting to upper management levels and planning of compensating actions sets a constant force of improvement, minimizing costs, risks and administrative overhead while maximizing your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Competencies & Certifications

Service Provisions

  •  Strategic guidance on defining, executing and monitoring your organization's IT Strategy
  •  Consulting on defining a Zero-Trust Architecture based on your organization's technology landscape and planning the migration towards a ZTA environment
  •  Planning & implementation of the security policy documents, procedures, documentation management and maintenance
  •  Self-assessment procedures and reporting to observing authorities
  •  Risk identification, assessment and treatment
  •  Support in new systems deployment under the aspect of cybersecurity
  •  Supply chain security and SLA review
  •  Design and deployment of staff cybersecurity awareness training
  •  Incident management and response
  •  Support in IT security solutions procurement
  •  Organization's point of contact among upper management and national bodies (e.g. CSIRTs, National Cybersecurity Authorities)

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