Cypriot national eID becomes notified

Cypriot national eID becomes notified

Cyprus achieves mutual recognition of its electronic identification scheme ( across EU at the highest assurance level.

Dec 19, 2023

SpearIT is pleased to announce that the journey towards the mutual recognition of the Cypriot national electronic identification (eID) scheme was deemed a success on Dec 6, 2023, with the EU Commission expressing its opinion of accepting the eID scheme at the highest level of assurance (LoA High), in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation (EU 910/2014).

Approximately 5 months after the achievement of the scheme's pre-notification, SpearIT completed the rigorous peer review process, supporting the alignment of the organizational, procedural and technical aspects of the scheme with the comments of the peer reviewers, and presented the latest state of the scheme in Brussels, during the eIDAS Cooperation Network meeting., the national, mutually accepted, notified eID scheme of Cyprus, will be enabling numerous opportunities within the European Digital Single Market, as well as achieving a milestone in Cyprus' eGovernment digital transformation.

At the national level, the eID is issued and operated by the Qualified Trust Service Provider JCC Payment Systems, while the overall ownership and supervision of the eID scheme is under the Department of Electronic Communications of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

The eID scheme notification is a specific procedure under the eIDAS Regulation, pursuant to which a Member State notifies its eID scheme to the European Commission so that it becomes recognized and accepted by the other Member States. After a thorough review process among Member States, the successfully notified eID scheme becomes mutually recognized, enabling a seamless, convenient, and secure user experience in online, cross-border transactions, electronic signing of digital documents, as well as the potential for developing new electronic services.

SpearIT is a boutique cybersecurity firm dedicated to providing cybersecurity assurance, 360-degree compliance, and subject-matter expertise, especially in areas where standardization is loose and complexity is high. With a constant involvement in the evolution of the eIDAS ecosystem, trust services, and related works, SpearIT offers full-fledged, tailor-made solutions to support and provide guidance to comply with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation.

For more information on trust services consulting, please consult our eIDAS Compliance Services.

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