Governance of Enterprise Information & Technology

What is GEIT

Modern organizations rely on 2 strategic factors for success: information and technology (I&T). Reality proves that I&T is a critical and multi-dimensional success factor, affecting almost any business activity and unit;thus, it needs to be governed using a multitude of components (e.g. processes, organizational structures, information flows and behaviors). All these components should work together, holistically.

Governance of Enterprise Information and Technology (GEIT) is an activity which allows stakeholders to engage in setting direction and monitoring performance against enterprise objectives while addressing the complex regulatory environment of various industries and jurisdictions as well, by designing, implementing and sustaining a governance system.

Ultimately, organizations that establish and maintain a governance system achieve operational excellence by executing their business strategy in a consistent and reliable way, reducing operational risks and costs while increasing competetive revenue.

Our GEIT Approach

Having a team of skilled and certified governance consulting professionals, we assist you on your governance program journey from the early system design to implementation, continuous oversight and improvement, in a 4-phase approach.

Despite the fact that a governance system should be holistic and describe end-to-end processes and components within the organization, our GEIT approach can also be applied to organizations focusing only on specific topics or issues, such as critical, business-enabling compliance matters.

Keep in mind that no silver bullet exists for the design of a GEIT system. Since every enterprise has its own distinct character, profile, business, industry and regulatory environment, threat landscape, IT dependence and strategic components, a tailor-made approach is the only way to achieve successful setting and implementation.

1. Understanding & Initial Decisions

Initially, the enterprise context, strategy and business environment are examined in order to gain a clear understanding across four partially overlapping, interdependent, and often complementary domains:

  • Enterprise strategy
  • Enterprise goals
  • Risk profile
  • I&T-related issues

Values derived for the above domains are translated into a set of prioritized governance components to yield the initial tailored GEIT system for the enterprise.

2. Refinement

During this phase, refinements are applied to the initial scope of the governance system according to a more detailed set of factors, such as:

  • Threat landscape
  • Compliance requirements
  • IT role, sourcing model and implementation methodology
  • Technology adoption strategy
  • Enterprise size

3. Governance System Conclusion

In this phase, all inputs from previous steps are discussed in order to detect and resolve possible prioritization or inclusion conflicts among stakeholders and conclude to commonly agreed governance system.

4. Oversight & Sustainment

Enterprise environments are dynamic by nature. So does an enterprise governance system. In order to keep the momentum going, generate and preserve value from I&T, your governance system should be regularly reviewed and modified to sustain environmental changes. Our team actively promotes the program management in contrary to the project management mindset, which sets a continuous improvement philosophy in your GEIT function within your organization.

Competencies & Certifications

Let's craft your GEIT system and settle for the journey!


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