Digital Trust & Electronic Identification

Certificate Authorities, IdPs, LOUs & Trust Serive Providers


Technology Service Providers

ISPs, datacenters, CSPs, software houses

Operators of Essential Services

Energy, transport, drinking water supply, digital infrastructure, healthcare, banking


EU Agencies & GOV Authorities

EU decentralized agencies, national governmental authorities.

Latest News

EU eID Schemes Landscape

Electronic Identification (eID) is a digital solution for the identity proofing of citizens or organizations achieving mutual recognition of electronic identification schemes across borders and increases citizens confidence in the online world...
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Digital transformation and the EU NIS Directive

There is an observed ongoing movement towards digital transformation during the very last years, not only in private and enterprise environments but also in critical national infrastructure operators...
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Choosing between a Vulnerability Scan and a Penetration Test

The terms "vulnerability scan" and "penetration test" are oftentimes mistakenly used interchangeably, even by people involved with IT...
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