EU eID Schemes Landscape

Trust services have already started becoming one of the most active domains of digital society, with continuous development efforts towards a less bureaucratic society. Electronic Identification (eID) is a digital solution for the identity proofing of citizens or organizations achieving mutual recognition of electronic identification schemes across borders and increases citizens confidence in the online world. The eID concept is actively promoted and several EU Member-States have already developed and are actively using eID services. The Estonian eID is a successful example.

The eIDAS Regulation has enabled the use of electronic identification and trust services by citizens, businesses and public administrations alike, to access online services or manage electronic transactions. eIDAS stands for electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services and is established by Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 on electronic identification (eID) and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market. The eIDAS regulation is about trust, seamless user experience and convenience in online cross-border transactions.


Use the eIDAS interactive tool to better understand the benefits across various sectors.

Deploying a National eID Scheme under eIDAS

Under eIDAS Regulation, Member-States shall follow a specific procedure called scheme notification, pursuant to which a Member-State notifies its electronic identification (eID) scheme(s) to a delegated service of the European Commission. When a new eID scheme is submitted (pre-notified), a peer-revieweing committee consisting of Member-State reviewers is established and the eID scheme goes under peer-reviewing according to specific evaluation criteria, as per EU 2015/1502.

It is obligatory that the schemes which end-up successfully notified are mutually recognized among Member-States, enabling online citizen/company access of a Member-State's public services by another. Obviously, strong and consistent security across notified eID schemes is crucial.

SpearIT, being actively involved with national eID scheme projects under eIDAS, can accelerate your eID scheme notification procedure and guide you to achieve mutual scheme acceptance in EU, by providing holistic eID consulting services, including:

  • Scoping of the eID LoA requirements
  • Gap Analysis of national legislature
  • Consulting on LoA levels compliance and lawmaking matters
  • Notification submission of eID scheme(s)

For more information on trsut services consulting under eIDAS, have a look at our eIDAS Consulting Services.

Right below you can find a downloadable informative whitepaper on the European eID Schemes Landscape:

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