Cloud Security Assessments

Migration to cloud is a mainstream trend in terms of workload distribution and services design & delivery. Modern organizations, end up in maintaining a hybrid model where the actual production workload resides in one or more IaaS or PaaS providers and only a small portion of critical services is hosted on-premises.

Maintainig a proper security model between multiple environments is indeed a headache and risks arise frequently. SpearIT helps you identify, understand, mitigate gaps in your cloud environment, gain visibility and granular control over attacks. Our cloud security engineers perform a thorough review of your security model and governing policies as well as specific security configuration, leveraging vendor-specific security features of Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS & Google Cloud Platform.

  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Devices
  • Personnel
  • Monitoring & Alerting operations
  • Incident Response
  • Corporate Security Policies


1. Documentation Review

Our cloud security engineers perform a review of your documentation which governs your cloud environment. This focuses on reviewing:

  • cloud architecture diagrams
  • access management policies
  • security policies
  • monitoring & logging policies
  • disaster recovery policies


2. Onsite Assessment

Your cloud infrastructure is hands-on examined by our cloud engineers, reviewing your current security model and everyday management operations to identify gaps or improvement areas.

3. Configuration Review

Your cloud platform configuration is reviewed to ensure security controls are implemented effectively, identify potential weaknesses and propose possible improvements. Highlights of some focus areas during this phase, are:

  • IAM & RBAC
  • ADFS
  • Encryption
  • Certificate & secrets management
  • Network segmentation applications to internal & external networks
  • Edge network security
  • Logging & monitoring network security
  • Backups & disaster recovery
  • Code repository security


4. Final Reporting

Risk-based report depicting strong & weak areas, along with specific improvement actions in order to strengthen your cloud environment security posture and enhance visibility and threat response capabilities of your security team.

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