SpearIT SpearBadge™

SpearBadge™ is an ad-hoc service that establishes trust by declaring your product's security readiness and your due diligence to maintain a security baseline. It applies to any of your ../assets being assessed towards a strong, security auditing procedure.

Displaying the SpearBadge™ in your site, is letting your customers not only know that your organization values security, but that you continuously maintain and improve your security level.

When a visitor clicks on the SpearBadge logo, a real-time report appears that displays status information about your organization, your attested product and the status of the security readiness.

The logo consists of 3 informational elements:

  • Certification Class: the level of assessment the organization has passed. The higher the level, the more exhaustive and detailed the security assessment.
  • Domain of Certification: what type of ../assets have been assessed in which part of an organization (networks, web apps, infrastructure, etc).
  • Certificate Number: a unique number that identifies the assessed organization and can be used in the SpearBadge Lookup tool, in order to verify the organization's trust.

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